Ceilidh group sets


You can find all recordings and written music for Fun Fiddle ceilidh dances below. Click on the tune name to access the written music.

Setlist for March 2024 ceilidh

Gay Gordons (marches):
Loch Ruan (with easy harmony) / L’Air Mignonne



L’Air Mignonne harmonies 1 & 2:


Teribus / Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo with easy harmony

Flett from Flotta / Gairsay


Circassian Circle:

Rakes of Mallow / John Ryan’s Polka / Tom Sullivan’s


Virginia Reel:
Old Joe Clark / Over the Waterfall / Cripple Creek


A Tune for Anna / Duck River / John Main Braemore


Duck River – harmony:


John Maine Braemore  – harmony:


Strip the Willow (jigs):
Stool of Repentance / O’Keefe’s Slide / Rory Macleod’s/Stan Chapman


Dashing White Sergeant (reels):

Mrs MacLeod / Barrowburn Reel / Spootiskerry / Hurlocks


Military Two Step:
Frank Jamieson’s Two Step


Canadian Barn Dance (Strathspeys):
Campbelltown Kiltie Ball / Still Man (Fear a Phige)

Campbelltown kilt Ball easy harmony


Grand Old Duke of York:
Reel of Tullochgorum / 7 Step Polka / Mairi’s Wedding – easy arrangement


Reel of Tullochgorum:

7 Step Polka:

Mairi’s Wedding:

When Stella Smiles / Leaving Lismore


When Stella smiles – harmony:

Leaving Lismore easy harmony

Margaret’s Waltz / Midnight on the Water  or Josefin’s Waltz


Auld Lang Syne / Chicken Feet

Auld lang Syne easy arrangement

Chicken feet (Honsafotter) with easy harmonies

Miscellaneous tunes for listening: 
Marni Swanson
Great Uncle Henry
The Wren
Inisheer (Inisheer easy harmony)
Friday Harbour
Maggie West’s Waltz
The Hills of Lorne
The Mothers of St Anne’s
Flatwater Fran
Dorothy and John
The Wedding Gift
This Too Will Pass
Oban Pipes & Drums
Josefin’s Waltz
Eagle’s Whistle
Young Betty
Owl Waltz
The Osprey
Donald MacLean of Lewis
Delting Bridal March