Tune of the month


Each month (starting from 14th September) , a Tune of the Month will be taught in the ‘Playing Together’ Thursday night Drop In group. If you are joining us for the first time, please email us and we will send you out a recording and music for the upcoming tune that will be taught . info@funfiddle.co.uk 

Here are some of the Tunes of the Month we’ve learnt previously. Written music for these tunes can be downloaded from the written music archive page

November 2023 Danny Fraser’s

October 2023 Cape Breton Favourite

September 2023 Regina Stubbert’s

May 2023: Bobover Wedding March  YouTube link

June 2022: Duck River

May 2022: Tune for Anna

April 2022: The Hills of Lorne

March 2022: Battle of the Braes

February 2022: Lochanside

November 2021: Tormad

October 2021: Caledonian March