Children’s Fun Fiddle

Fiddle tuition for children and young people

                                          January 2024

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Fun Fiddle operates weekly one to one children’s lessons with Sarah Hoy or Gica Loening, depending on availability and based at the tutors homes around or near Portobello. All tutors hold PVGs.

Fun Fiddle currently has a waiting list for children’s lessons, but spaces do come up so please get in touch if you are interested. To find out availability of lessons  please contact us

After many years, we have now put our prices up to £20 per half hour lesson, payable at start of block. If you have difficulties paying full cost, we are open to individual mutually agreed amount.

                                        Playing Together

Playing together is what Fun Fiddle is all about and while we found that one to one lessons work best, especially for younger children, we aim to get young Fun Fiddlers out there playing together and with the adult groups too, this coming year. And what a year! 2023 saw our 20th birthday! Young and auld had chance to play together for various events through the year.

Session Group for Secondary school age young people

Sarah Hoy and her husband, the talented pipes player Fin Moore, are piloting regular weekend sessions for young people to play together. These will be held in Portobello. For more information please contact us

Please consider becoming a FRIEND of FUN FIDDLE to support our musical events – see below! 

If you would like to find out more about lessons and opportunities for playing together, please get in touch!

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Become a friend of Fun Fiddle

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Becoming a friend of Fun Fiddle contributes towards opportunities for playing together either at local community events, or exciting events such as the Scots Fiddle Festival (November 2024). We are grateful for your support which enables us to make things happen and take part!

Become a Friend of Fun Fiddle 


More about Learning Fiddle 

Tuition for children is offered on a weekly one-to-one basis at all levels from absolute beginner upwards. Lessons run concurrently with each school term at tutors homes in Portobello. Online lessons also available if tutors have space. All tutors hold PVG (Disclosure) certificates.

Resized 2Cost: Children’s lessons are £20.00 per half hour and are payable by arrangement with the tutor, usually in blocks of approx 6 -10 weeks.

We encourage everyone to play together, and while this has been tricky or IMPOSSIBLE in the last year or so, we hope we can all be back playing together soon.

Our monthly children’s fiddle group is currently on hold and we will be in touch to find out from you when to hold it , in order to maximise numbers attending.



Fun Fddle ceilidh