Choosing your level

Due to Corona Virus we are not currently running whole classes. Online one to one or small group tuition available.

What level should I choose?

Here’s a guide to the levels of classes that are on offer from Fun Fiddle:

Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, and Advanced.

All classes are self selecting – YOU decide which one is appropriate for you and it’s possible to swap class if you find you’re not in the right level.

Absolute beginner – (no class currently running at this level). For people who have never played fiddle or violin before (same instrument!), or who would like to start from the beginning again.  You will learn basic technique and placing of fingers, bow hold and start learning some simple tunes by ear. Let us know if you don’t have a fiddle and we may be able to lend you one.

Beginner. This class is aimed at those who have played a little – not more than 6 months to a year, or inconsistently for a couple of years. You are at the stage of being able to place 3 fingers on all strings and a rough idea of what the notes are (there’s no need to be able to read music). You are able to play a simple scale and an easy tune slowly. The pace of the class will be very slow, with lots of repetition.

Improving beginner
This class is for people who have been playing for a year or two. It would also suit players who have previously learnt for a few years and are starting to play again after a long break.  This level will work on playing simple tunes in common keys. We’ll be looking at bowing technique, trying out easy rhythms, and harmonies, and building confidence in playing together as a group. During the term the class will also look at some basic music reading skills. The pace will be very slow with lots of repetition.

For people who have been playing for around two to three years. This level builds up a repertoire of tunes at a slightly faster pace and looks at how to put sets of tunes together. It includes bowing and technique exercises and progress to slightly more complex rhythms and tunes. We will start on 3rd postion and more extensive use of fourth finger. This class is ideal if you want to build your confidence with playing up to speed, and to consolidate sets of tunes. Repetition will always be involved too!

For those who have been playing for several years and are fluent in learning by ear and playing up to speed. The class will learn more technically demanding tunes, more about ornamentation and bowing patterns and playing sets of tunes up to speed. Tunes will be presented in less common keys – Bb, F, C, E, and the class will include tunes in 3rd position.

If you are unsure which class to choose, please contact us.  It may be possible to try a couple of different classes before you decide the best one for you.