“I learnt to play by ear, enjoyed playing together, met new people, and it encourages me to practice at home regularly. Liked new repertoire!”

“It has been great to get a taste of different genres of music with such good teachers!”

(Fun Fiddle Survey 2016)

The tunes below represent some of the repertoire from past years. All adult groups, apart from Rona’s Advanced group are now learning from our FUN FIDDLE PLAYING TOGETHER BOOK NO 3 which is for sale from Fun Fiddle for £10. For advanced class tunes, ceilidh sets, and historic repertoire, scroll down below!

And freely downloadable is our Fun Fiddle Book no 2 which includes a big range of tunes and easy harmonies so all levels can play together.

Busking 3Porty PromParade May 2018 tunes:

Hönsafötter (Chicken feet) – Full Score

Chicken Feet (Honsafotter) – Open Strings

Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark Lyrics

Old Joe – Harmony 1

Old Joe – Harmony 2

The Wren (to play at end of parade)


Ceilidh Sets

Fun Fiddle Ceilidh Band has performed annually for St Andrews Day in November. It takes a wee bit more playing experience to play for dancing but if you do want to join in and you’ve just started playing then the Gay Gordons and Waltz sets are for you!

Ceilidh set list of tunes 2017 – to be updated soon!

2016 set: Circle-of-the-ocean/Leaving Lismore
2015 set: When Stella Smiles

Strip the Willow (Jigs)
2016 set: The stool of repentance/O’Keeffe’s Slide/Rory MacLeod/Stan-Chapmans-Jig
2015 set: Rocking the Baby/The Swallow’s Tail/

Dashing White Sergeant (Reels) 
2016 set: Barrowburn Reel/Spootiskerry/Hurlock’s Reel 

Virginia Reel (Reels)
2016 set: Old Joe Clark/Over the Waterfall/Cripple Creek

Gay Gordons
2016 set: Murdo’s Wedding/Murdos wedding easy harmony/Loch Ruan
2015 set: Battle of Waterloo

Britannia Two Step (strathspey)
2015 set: Captain Campbell/MacNeils of Ugadale

Canadian Barn Dance (strathspey)
2016 set
: The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball easy harmony
2015 set: Fear a Phige (The Still Man)/Siege of Delhi

Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne


Advanced 8pm Class Repertoire 2017 – 2018:

Chapel Keithack 1  chapel keithack  Charlie Stone’s Rattle – Full Score Cradle Song – Full Score  Devin in the Kitchen – Full Score  Drummond Castle – Full Score  Flowers of Edinburgh – Full Score  Gibby Gray – Full Score  Innis Dhòmhsa Càil Thu Cadal – Full Score  Miss Girdle – Full Score Simon Thoumire’s Jig – Full Score  Tha Fear à Dùn Mhòr – Full Score

January – March 2017  Rona’s Slow Airs and Strathspeys

Cradle Song 

Mairi Bhan Og 

Devin in the Kitchen 

Innis Dhòmhsa Càil Thu Cadal 

Logan’s Bonny Woods and Braes – Full Score

Miss Lyall

2016  – Tunes taught in classes

Marit’s Scandinavian course,  Jan – March 2016

Karl Fant Vals – Full Score

Marsch till Seglora

Polska efter Rolig Pers

G minor Polska 

Vals efter Kristian Oskarsson 

Hurlock’s Reel 

Rona’s Americana course, March – April 2016

Winder’s Slide

Duck River

Old Favourites and Listening Sets

elk river blues 

The Wren

Maggie West’s Waltz 

Les Trois Grande Luthiers

Swedish Walking Tune /Engelska Fran Smaland

East ParksideCalum’s Road w harmony

Airthrey Castle/Hillswick

Inisheer with harmony and easy part 

Shingly beach 

Mothers of St Ann’s/Mothers of St Ann’s – harmony


Oberak/ Simple harmony/Oberak 

Jon Ryan’s Polka/Dalaigh’s Polka


Nice n easy tunes, Rounds and Arrangements

Although carefully considered for those just starting out, these tunes and arrangements should hold  a wee something for everybody:

French Waltz /Fairy Lullaby Easy arrangement

Round No.1/Round No/Ah,Poor Bird/Rose

Si Si Si 

Kol Dodi

Benachie Sunrise 

Auld Lang Syne/Mairi’s Wedding/Bonny Tammie easy arrangement

Arran Boat song plus easy harmony