cropped-Copy-of-FunFiddlewebsize-2.jpgFun Fiddle started as a small informal group of adult learners in 2003. Led by Gica Loening and Jenny Gardner, we have become a strongly entrenched fiddle community with literally hundreds of players of all ages joining its ranks. IN 2017 we were nominated as Community Project of the Year by Hands Up for Trad. Alongside weekly classes, and one to one lessons for children and adults, Fun Fiddle has collaborated over the years with street bands, choirs, drummers, and most recently Brass Blast (www.oimusica.co.uk), contributing a vibrant energy to the East Edinburgh locality.

2019 Spring adult classes start January 17th. Info HERE

Fun Fiddle supports fiddlers to:
Learn by ear
Play together in a group
Build up a shared repertoire of tunes
Learn technique and traditional idiom
Perform at informal gatherings and community events

Our involvement in Trad Music

Fun Fiddle is rooted in local and Scottish culture, which we value highly, believing in the importance of celebrating, promoting, and furthering the Scottish tradition for all ages to connect with. We are an active member of The Traditional Music Forum. Through international connections brought by our tutors and participants, we also enjoy and play Swedish, American, Eastern European, and even a Japanese tune, learning about the similarities and uniqueness of other traditional cultures alongside Scottish.