About Fun Fiddle

Come and Try session

Fun Fiddle started as a small informal group of adult learners in 2003. Since then it has grown to become a strongly entrenched institution of Fiddle Friends in Portobello, Edinburgh. We currently have around twenty kids and thirty adults learning with us.

Fun Fiddle supports students in

  • Learning by ear
  • Playing together in a group
  • Building up a shared repertoire of tunes
  • Learning technique and traditional idiom
  • Performing at informal gatherings and community events

You are welcome to join us, whatever level you are at:

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or played as a child but gave up and would like to pick it up again; Or if you are a classical player wishing to┬álearn traditional fiddle, or someone who is totally self taught and looking to consolidate your skills. As the focus is on learning by ear, it doesn’t matter if you read music or not.

The tunes we learn are mainly Scottish, but we’re pretty cosmopolitan really, and will include English, Irish, European, Scandinavian and the odd Eastern European tune! We welcome contributions of tunes and the participation of the class in shaping our repertoire. We encourage sharing of tunes between classes, including the children’s Saturday classes, so that we can play together on occasions as a large group.